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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Break, but Back

So, I took a little break before the real training even began! I guess those few weeks that I had 'built in' for injuries, set-backs & just life in general are gone. The Christmas season was just so busy in our house. On top of that, my mom fell and broke her shoulder in 3 places, so I've had to help her out quite a bit.

Today was my first day back to running in over 3 weeks. I could definitely feel the fact that I hadn't run in a bit. I was winded quicker than usual, my pace was slower, and I just felt like complete crap. I ran 3 miles today, but my left hip started to hurt in the last 0.5 mile. Then I kept getting cramps in my stomach. It was not a fun run, at all. But, I pushed through it, finished...and I'm glad that I did. 

Now, on to the real training...

BTW, my mom and grandmother bought me some really [super] cute running clothes for Christmas! I can't wait to wear them!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Half Marathon Training Days 1 & 2

I'm finally feeling a *little* better. I'm still coughing, but generally, I'm better.

The half marathon that I want to run is at the end of March. Figure 12 weeks of training, that puts me at starting my training around the 1st week of January. I'm building in a few weeks for injuries, repeating training, busy schedules, etc. So, I'm starting this week.

I decided to train with Jeff Galloway's training program. I had initially chosen to train with Hal Higdon's  training program, but decided that it's a little to advanced for me...even the beginner schedule. Anyway, the main difference between the 2 programs (besides number of weeks) is that Galloway's program is a run/walk program. I like his theory about conserving muscle energy and not getting fatigued too fast. I think I'll be able to do well.

Yesterday was a cross training or rest day. I chose to cross train, but I wanted to run a little bit, so I just did a quick mile. Then I went ahead and cycled for 30 mins. I felt great yesterday.

Today I ran. It was a 30 minute run/walk. I only did just over 2 1/2 miles, but I'm sure that as I condition myself and build endurance my pace will get better. I felt pretty good today!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Believe 2010 5k

Goal Time: 35 minutes
Actual Time: 34 minutes 11 seconds

I ran my second 5k today. It was the Believe 2010 race held in downtown McKinney. It was a really nice race, with LOTS of runners! They actually closed off the roads for this one. I think there were 1200+ runners. 

I did have a hard time with this race because I still couldn't breathe. I'm STILL sick. This is ridiculous! I have got to get on with my half marathon training, and this being sick crap is putting a damper on it. 

Anyway, I did still beat my goal time, which I was surprised about...but extremely happy!

Here are some photos of the event! 
The Hot Totties before the race started!
Me before the race started.
After we crossed the finish line!
Me on my way home from the race!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Running Lull

Boo. We've been sick in my house for almost a month now. Between the boys (Colin 4 & Brennan 2) getting sick and then getting better, then me getting sick for 2 weeks, then the boys getting sick again, and me almost getting better and sick again and then Miguel getting sick...I just haven't had any time to train, let alone, run at all.

I've only been able to get in two runs this week, and since I can't breathe, I've only been able to run 2 miles at each run. How am I going to run 3 miles in 2 days?

I have my next 5k coming up on Saturday, and I'm not sure that I'm ready for it. I registered with some friends/co-workers of mine as a team this time. We are the Hot Totties. Yup.

I'll update after the race on Saturday to say how it goes!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Halloween Hustle 5k - My FIRST 5k Evah!

Goal Time: 40 minutes 
Actual Time: 35 minutes 52 seconds

I thought that I would go back and post about my first 5k, b/c it's what started me on this journey. 

It was on October 31, 2010. It was called the Halloween Hustle 5k. 

Like I mentioned in my first post, my goal was to run the 5k in 45 minutes. I did a practice run with Positive A the Friday before the race, and I ran it in 39 minutes. I had ALREADY beaten my goal. Time for a new one! I set my new goal at 40 minutes. Even though I had beaten that one as well on my practice run, I wanted to set something that I knew I could meet. 

I actually ran the whole thing, which surprised me.

Here are some pictures from the event.

Putting on my bib.

Smiling before the race started.

Sweaty, but smiling after we crossed the finish line!
Miguel showing support after the race!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Kristen, Running...What???

Yup, the title is correct. Kristen, running...what??

Yes. I've started running, well, maybe not actually running...more like jogging.

Here's the story.

There once was a girl. A girl that played basketball in her younger days. A girl that despised the running drills and suicide drills that we had to do. So, when I stopped playing basketball, I stopped running, because well, who actually likes running?

My motto regarding running 'I only run from the po-po'. No, I've never actually run from the police before...but that might be the only time that I would consider running.

So 9 years after high school, and 2 babies later, my body isn't quite looking like what it used to, and I'm sad about that. I don't like my current weight. I have extra skin that isn't pretty and my cute jeans don't fit anymore. What to do? I've tried dieting. I've tried exercising. Yup, they work...but you have to keep doing them. No fun when you are sitting at home eating cheesecake and watching Grey's Anatomy.

A girlfriend of mine at work (Positive A) convinced me to start running. Why I let her convince me, I still don't know. Anyway, I found a couch to 5k training program for my iphone, bought a new pair of sneakers, and joined a gym.

6 weeks later, Positive A ran beside me in my first 5k cheering me along the whole way (along with a few other co-workers). Thank you Positive A!

A whole new world was opened up to me after running that 5k. I was on a high. I felt great...well, after the feeling that I wanted to die wore off. I finished my first 5k in 35 minutes 56 seconds. My goal was 45 minutes. I decided that I was going to run a half marathon in March of 2011. That doesn't give me a whole lot of time to train, but it's enough.

I'm running my next 5k in just under 2 weeks with some girlfriends. I'm feeling so positive and excited about running. I like running.

I can't believe that I just said that I like running. Thank you Positive A.

I'm going to use this blog to journal my thoughts, pains, desires, failures & triumphs during my half marathon training. Off we go.