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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Running Day 3

Today I was scheduled to run 3 miles. I was feeling pretty good, chugging along. I always cover the distance and time on the treadmill with a towel b/c if I look at it, that's all I'll be focusing on, and it'll feel like the run goes on forever. Well, today, I was just running and running and running. I finally looked at the distance, and I had made it 2 miles...and was still feeling really good. I decided that I was feeling so good that I would run the whole 3 miles. I did it, and I felt so good after! My next run is the weeks long run. It's 4 miles this week, and I'm going to run it at a local park with a girlfriend of mine (Positive A), and my BIL. We are all planning on running the half together! I think the time will go by a lot faster if I have a couple of running partners!

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  1. I think you are doing great with all of this. I hope you guys have a fun run on Sunday. Keep up the amazing work!


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