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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Too Cold to Hold 5k

Goal Time: 34 minutes
Actual Time: 33 minutes

Today I ran in my 3rd 5k. Positive A, my BIL, his GF, and my good friend Casey ran in it with me. I had such a good time. It was a bit cold out, but once I got running it was manageable.

I decided that I was just going to run this one for fun. I made my goal time just a little faster than my last races actual time. I was so excited because I ended up beating that time by a whole minute. I set a new PR for myself. 33 minutes. I overall goal is to get it down to 30 minutes, but I'm sure that is still a long ways off.

My BIL smoked all of us. This was his first 5k, and he just started running in the past couple of weeks, and he finished in just over 26 minutes. That was awesome! I had so much fun running with this group, and I hope that we can do it more often!

After the race, we went to The Original Pancake House for some yummy breakfast! Nothing like some pancakes and eggs to satisfy what I call my 'running hunger'.

Here are some pics of the day!

Positive A, Casey &myself in the car before the race.

Positive A & myself right after we finished the race.

My BIL, his GF and me!

Me smiling after the race.

Me & Casey after the race.

Me cheesin'!

The 5 of us posing after we all finished.

Miguel and the boys met us for breakfast.
Alison and I at breakfast.
Danny & Roz at breakfast.

Casey at breakfast.
Yummy breakfast!


  1. I had so much fun! I can't wait to run the next race with you! I wish I would be able to do the half but I am so not ready for that. You rocked it Sunday

  2. I hate how slow I was. I kind of feel like a looser especially when Danny did so amazing and it was his first 5k too. Was it Roz's

  3. I'm so proud of you, Kris! You're going to make that 30 minute goal in no time because you're doing such a great job and you're so dedicated!!!!
    Love Your Lil' Sis,

  4. Awww, thanks Court!

    Casey - no, it was not Roz' first run. She was actually a long distance runner in HS, but she hasn't run in a while.

  5. Looks like a FUN race! Great job!! :0)

  6. Congrats on your new PR! And wow about your BIL!

    (I saw your post over at Run for the Bling of it!) :)

    - Kim

  7. Congrats on the PR! Especially when you weren't even shooting for one! You might surprise yourself and reach 30 min quicker than you think!


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