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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Week 2 Complete!

Today marks the end of week 2's training. I completed it with a 4 mile long run. I ran the whole thing, and did it in 48 minutes. I'd like to shorten the time a bit, but hey, I ran the whole thing, so I'll take it!

I'm doing pretty well...I think. This week I ran 16 miles. I was only supposed to run 12, but had to squeeze in another run since I missed last Sunday's run due to bad weather. (That's the one that I was supposed to run at a park with my friend and BIL). I burned 2465 calories and spent 3 hrs 12 mins running.

The running is going well, but I'm not really doing the cross-training or the strength training that I'm supposed to. Maybe I'll get better at that in week 3. I'm just really really happy that I've found something that I'm sticking with and that I have goals for.

I'm only having one small problem. Every now and then my left hip is giving me some problems. Last week during one of my runs, it hurt so bad that I wanted to cry. This week, it didn't even bother me until today...and not even that bad. I'm hoping that it's just my body getting used to the mileage that I'm running.

This week, I'm planning to change up the mileage scheduled a bit. I feel like if I am going to be ready for this half marathon, then I need to have more mileage under my belt. The shorter runs during the week seem a little too short, so I'm just going to add a little more to them, and see how that works out.

This week I hit the 100 mile mark since I've started running. How exciting is that!?!


  1. I think you are doing an amazing job! You are an inspiration and I hope to one day see you run a race! I am sorry that your hip hurts you at times. If it hurt so bad YOU wanted to cry then it had to be really bad. Keep it up you are doing wonderful!

  2. Sorry posted under my disney account. For some reason it wont let me log into my regular blog account. Oh well


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