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Friday, April 29, 2011

Heels & Hills Half Marathon Up Next!

My next race is on Sunday and it will be my 2nd half marathon! I'm not sure that I am fully prepared for it, but I guess it will have to be enough.

Casey & Positive A will be running it as well! Casey is picking my packet up at some point tomorrow. I think the bib will have my name on it. Pretty cool! I'll be sure to share a race re-cap at some point next week!

Oh, and I'll be posting my race re-cap of the Running Moms Rock 5k soon too!


  1. Come say hi if you get a chance. Lesley and I are pacing the 2:45 group!

  2. hey girl,

    Yes, pacing the 2:45 group means that we will finish the race 2 hours and 45 min after the start. It's just under a 12:30 mile when you figure in the water stops. We will be running all of it with the exception of walking through the water stops. There is another pacer for the 2:45 group and do 2:1 intervals. That means run 2 min and walk 1.

    And yes I generally run my halfs faster than this so I know I will be comfortable the whole time and able to help motivate those around us.

    You can email me at if you want any more info. I will be happy to chat with you!


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