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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Next Race:

Next race is coming up on Saturday evening. I'm pretty excited about an evening race! It's a 5k, so it should be pretty easy. I'm thinking about trying to PR, but I'm not sure yet. Should be fun!

 I'm running with Positive A & Casey. I think Positive A needs to start blog posting...

Yeah, I'm a running mom, and I why not run Running Moms Rock 5k? Yeah, that's what I thought, it all makes sense!


  1. I can't wait to run with you! I agree Alison needs to blog

  2. what does PR mean?
    some guesses:
    Puke Rocks
    Pass Racers
    Post 'n Run

  3. Good luck on your 5k on Saturday!
    Just discovered your blog and will be stalking you from now on. I mean following.

  4. Hahaha crack me up! Wait, were you serious? ;-)

  5. That looks like a fun race. Good luck!


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