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Friday, February 11, 2011

Another Week Down the Drain...

I'm starting to feel a little down. Another week has gone by where I haven't run what I had set on my schedule. Currently, I only have 4 of the 18 miles done. I'm planning to run today, tomorrow and Sunday to hopefully make up for it...but this rut has got to pass! I'm training for a half marathon, and you can't do that if you DON'T RUN. The weather was bad again this week, and my schedule has been so restricting lately.

So, I totally just looked at the bands that will be playing along the course of the Rock 'N Roll Dallas Half Marathon that I'm planning to run, but I'm not excited about any of them. Aw well, that's ok...I still think it will be a fun run!

I see lots of runners talking about running skirts from I never thought I would enjoy running in a skirt, but they are sooooo cute. I just wonder about the comfort level. Are they comfortable? Do they ride up? I'm all about the Nike running gear. LOVE it! Maybe I'll try a skirt sometime soon ;-)


  1. This weather has not helped anyone with their running. I kept postponing starting my 10k training because it was just blah. You will get over this and will get right back on track. If anyone can do it you can! Who is playing at Rock N Roll?

    I love my running skirts. I have never had a problem with them riding up and they are comfortable. I seriously will probably never wear shorts again while running. I have been wearing running tights under them most of the time due to the weather. THey are comfy with or without running tights. When I was able to run outside this past week I never thought about the skirt as it didnt bug me or anything it was like nothing was there, but in a good way

  2. Totally agree. Weather's been a killer...and there's only so much treadmill time you can put in without wanting to smash the silly thing to bits! Good news - we're expecting amazing weather this weekend and next week - so hopefully that'll get us all out of the funk.
    I'm running the Dallas RnR Relay and I hadn't realized they'd posted bands already - thanks for the heads up - I'll have to go check it out! As far as RunningSkirts goes, this is so funny that you're asking. My very first RunningSkirt arrived in the mail last night and I immediately ran upstairs to try it on! I bought the "athletic skirt" because I love my compression capris and wanted to have the compression shorts under the shirt. As a "larger" runner, I love how it looks on - but that's as far as I've gotten. Doing a quick 2-miler in it either tonight or tomorrow. I'll let you know after that. FYI - love your blog background, you've got great taste (it's the same as mine... ;o) ). Okay, sorry for the long post. Done now!

  3. Casey from Running towards Disney nominated you to be a runner of the week on my blog: If you're interested, please email me at

  4. do a search on my blog and you will find about 100 posts and reviews I have done for running skirts! good luck!

  5. Hopefully the awesome weather this weekend is helping you get our of your rut!

    I LOVE my running skirts. I have one from target that is awesome and inexpensive and I got a new Nike one today. I don't have any trouble with mine and it always helps when you feel cute running!

    Good Luck training for RNR Dallas... I will be there too!

  6. I meant to tell one reason I love them is because it doesn't feel like I am wearing anything, they are just soo comfy!


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