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Monday, February 14, 2011

Sore Legs

Today I planned to run 4.5 miles. Yeah, that didn't happen. Not after yesterday's run. My shins, calves and back of my thighs are sooooo sore. I figured that I would just let them rest today, and hope to make it to the gym tomorrow.

This week I'm planning on 20 miles. It will be a record setter for me! Go, Kristen Go!


  1. Hey there! I understand about the sore legs. Take a very hot shower and that will help a whole lot with the tightness and soreness in your legs! I just saw you were running the Rock N Roll Dallas half. I am too and am so excited about it!

  2. I'm sorry you were so sore. What I've been doing is icing my calves,feet etc.. After I run and it has cut down on the soreness. I know you can make it to your goal Kristen! Go Kristen go

  3. OK, I just dropped in to say thanks for your comment... but I am not distracted by this post.

    Are your shoes fitted properly? Are the new enough? How many miles have they "run"? Are you building milage no more than 10% per week? AND if all this is "yes", "yes", "less than 300" and "no more than 10%/week" my next thought is, after your long hard efforts, have you considered an ice bath? I don't normally advocate for them for less than 16 mile long run, but it sounds like you could really benefit. My typical schedule is to run long on Sunday, cross train on Monday. So, if you are sore and cannot face a run, don't skip your workout all together. Go and take a brisk 15 minute walk, hit the pool for a few laps, find a bike, or just do something to work the "sore" out of your legs. I promise they will thank you.

    GO KRISTEN GO! I know you can do this! There just is something so SWEET about busting out your first 20 mile week...

  4. That should read, I am "now" distracted... sorry, I loathe typo's.

  5. GO KRISTEN GO!!! 20 miles... YOU GOT THIS!!

  6. momof 3 - yes, yes, less than 300, and just a little over 10% (but only sometimes). I was thinking that maybe the soreness is b/c I ran outside? I'm normally a treadmill runner (it's just easier for me with 2 small kids). Maybe I'm not used to the hills?

    I don't know. An ice bath sounds so...well, not fun :-(

  7. Try Epsom salts...I know, I sounds VERY old lady! LOL I thought it was silly until I tried it Saturday evening after my 10 miler. It was AMAZING! Good luck and keep on truckin'!


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