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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Happy Birthday to ME!

Me as the Serpentress!
Today is my birthday! I know, I know, happy birthday to me! Yay! I'm 28 now. I feel like I've wasted so much time not running. I'm going to try to make up for all of my years of inactivity.

Anyway, we celebrated my birthday with my family on Friday evening. I hosted a murder mystery dinner party. The theme was a Psycho Circus. It was SOOOOO much fun! We all dressed up as different circus character (I was the Serpentress).

A box of GU!
My New Garmin Forerunner 305!
My family is so awesome! They all knew what to get me! My hubby and kids got me a Garmin Forerunner 305, and a Spibelt. My BIL (the one that runs with me) and his GF got me a box of GU and a GC to Luke's Locker. My MIL, FIL & 2 SIL's gave me a GC to Academy, and did another BIL & his wife. A family friend & my FIL & MIL each got me some Bath & Body Works stuff (to smell good after running!). My BIL & his wife got me a GC to Express (my FAVORITE clothing store). I'm super excited to use all of the items that I got and to go shopping with the GC's!

One of the running skirts that Casey gave me!
My best friend, Casey, is throwing a girlfriend's birthday dinner for me on Thursday evening at the Magic Time Machine. I think it's going to be so much fun! She gave me my present early. She got me 2 running skirts from I LOVE them. I just need to be a little more confident about my body before I wear them. She also got me a fuel belt and gave me an IRUNLIKEAGIRL shirt! Love it all!


  1. So cool! Enjoy your gifts! Felix and I are running our bikes today!

  2. Happy birthday to my best friend. I hope you have a wonderful and special day you deserve. I love the parties your family throws they are all so well themed and cool. I am excited about tomorrow. I will be calling them tonight to make a reservation, I believe most people have respond but there are a few that havent. Anyways, happy birthday

  3. Very cool! The mystery dinner sounds like SO much fun!! :0) Happy Birthday! :0) Love the skirt!

  4. Happy birthday to my favorite (and only sister!)- wish I was able to be there for both the murder mystery dinner (even though mom as the clown would have scared me!!!) and also the magic time machine. I feel like I'm missing so much, and it upsets me. :( We really miss you guys. I'm glad to hear that you had such a great day.

    BTW...that runningskirt looks ADORABLE!!!!! Don't let your fears get in the way...Rock it girl! You look fierce! Oh, and what are GU?

  5. see everyone thinks you look good in the skirt. As I re-read your post I realized you have lots of mil, fil, bil, sil etc... to keep track off!

  6. Happy Birthday Kristen! That Murder Mystery dinner sounds like so much fun. We did something similar to that, but it was on a boat for my bachlorette party and I was the murderer. I love that running skirt and you look great in it. Go out and rock that skirt!!

    I completely agree with the meet up in Dallas. I think you, me, Karen and Casey should all meet up! Enjoy the rest of your birthday week!

  7. Yes yes and yes we should meet up. When is the expo? I may have to visit the skirt bar!!

  8. Happy belated B-day - I love that you got a lot of running-related gifts! And as a new skirt convert - I say go for it. If you keep waiting until you're "ready" to do something, you'll never get there. Put the skirt on, run in it, and OWN IT. You've made so many big steps so far, what's one more little one?


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