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Friday, March 11, 2011

So Frustrated

So, I'm totally frustrated and bummed out. I've figured out that the leg pain that I've been having is a hip flexor strain. No fun. Not sure what caused it exactly, though it's probably a combination of not stretching well enough before running, poor core strength and going too hard too fast.

I haven't run AT ALL this week. I'm itching to go...but I'm going to take 1 more day as a rest day. I'll attempt my 10 mile long run on Sunday morning and I'm thinking that I'll do an easy 3 miler on Saturday at some point.

I'm glad that the pain is getting better. For the first few days it hurt so bad that I thought I was going to cry every time I tried to move the leg. It's slowly getting better, with a little bit less pain each day.

If I'm able to gt back to running by the end of the week, I'll hit 2 of my 3 milestones...200 miles since starting to run and my first double digit run. Wish me quick recovery and luck!


  1. Wow you must be in pain if you felt like you were going to cry. You have the highest pain tolerance of everyone I know. I hope your recovery is fast and the pain stops

  2. Thanks Kristen! Yes, I had to pay for the professional ones. They are pretty expensive. I forgot you were running RnR Dallas! I am glad you love your sweaty band. I am going to be doing a review on two of them in the next day or two.

    That hip flexor pain does not sound fun at all! I hope it gets to feeling better soon! Good luck on your 10 mile run! I loved whenever I finally got to double digits!

  3. Good luck today Kristen...I have been working through some pain/strain too...mine is from my Soleus. Rest really does wonders. Let us know how it goes!!!


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