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Friday, March 4, 2011

Wearing the Skirt...

I don't have the confidence yet, but I decided to wear it anyway. So, here it in my first running skirt!


  1. seriously you look really good. I wouldn't let you go out in public if you looked awful, I am not that mean ;-) I do think you look really cute in it

  2. Looks great - love the whole outfit! GO RUN!!!

  3. Now you need the azure socks to go with it

  4. Thank ladies...I just have this thing about my HUGE hips and thighs...they just won't go away!

    Casey - I know! I want them. Maybe I'll get those at the expo!

  5. you look cute! and you are silly about your hips, you are a woman, you are supposed to have hips, and they are nowhere near huge! neither are your thighs!


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